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Lean certification program of the Liker Lean Academy

Together with the international Liker Lean Academy CRAFT Lean Management offers training courses that are geared towards specific area’s like manufacturing, construction, project environments and services and the public sector. All our certification programs at the Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt levels are endorsed by  Prof. Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker . The invaluable input of Prof. Jeffrey Liker combines with the wealth of experience and the deep understanding of LEAN all CRAFT trainers possess, to guarantee high quality training courses you can apply directly to you own professional environment.

Our training mantra is simple: You learn Lean by doing Lean! Our unique training courses are not just theoretical. They contain improvement assignments that you’ll apply in your own professional surroundings. Guided by CRAFT trainers, you’ll be making improvements in your own organization and realizing  measurable results right off the bat. The investments you make in these courses will pay for themselves. Nothing is more profitable than creative and highly educated workers.

With our in company training courses, we’ll let the improvement assignments be informed by your strategic plans and department plans. That way, the course becomes a powerful instrument for implementing your strategy. 


The instruments of Lean are important, but at its core, Lean is about Learning. Leaders play a crucial role in this process. The training courses of CRAFT Lean Management are unique in that they have a strong focus on this role and they offer an interesting insight into the culture of learning of Lean companies like Toyota. Your effectiveness as Lean leader will get a big boost.

Making daily, practical use of the principles and tools of Lean directly in your working environment and making incremental improvements.

Taking control and making your work methods and business processes Lean. Realizing and securing improvements as a team.

Leadership to Lean independence and rolling out the Lean transformation within your business.

Short Lean Trainingsmodules

CRAFT Lean Management offers not only broad Lean training courses on Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt levels, but also short Lean training modules.

These are either introductory or exploratory modules which cover specific Lean methods or techniques. This way, you can give targeted and practical support to your Lean implementation processes or respond to the need for deeper knowledge of certain Lean methods.

Translating business strategies into practical improvement projects and measurable results, and monitoring progress as it happens. That is essential if you want to involve all employees in the targeted, daily process of improving More information

Plan-Do-Check-Act are the fundamental steps for solving problems and bottlenecks in your organization. The A3-report provides guidance and context. More information

The KATA improvement routine is a standardized method for engaging your organization daily in learning and making strides towards the business goals. More information

Organizing your work space optimally is the essential first step towards the further Lean development of your organization. The 5 steps of the 5S-method provide guidance and context to this process. Sort / Set-in-order / Shine / Standardize / Sustain. More information

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE) make your invisible wastages measurable and help with improving efficiency and productivity. More information

Short lead times and low stock levels are possible only if your business processes are flexible and can respond rapidly to customer demand. Reducing the response time incrementally is essential to achieve this state. More information

Developing, safeguarding and training the knowledge and experience of your organization based on the historical Training Withing Industry method. More information

Supporting behavior with visual aids and organizing work methods such that faults are avoided. More information

Incompany Training

When there are multiple participants from the same business, we also offer tailor made in company training courses. We like to invite you to discuss your need for Lean training courses with one of our CRAFT partners. Together you can determine what the most appropriate course is for your current business needs.

Liker Lean Academy by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker

liker_slideThe Lean training courses of CRAFT are part of the Liker Lean Academy run by Prof. Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker, an international authority in the field of Lean Management. His expertise and experience have been indispensable in developing the Lean training program for the Dutch market by CRAFT Lean Management. Participants who successfully pass the Lean training courses receive an official, international certificate from the Liker Lean Academy.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker: Through my years of working with CRAFT Lean Management I am convinced that CRAFT truly understands and applies the Toyota Way as a compleet management strategy.

Want to get to know Lean first?

We have a free Lean introduction workshop every other month. By using a business simulation game you get to know a number of facets of Lean and we demonstrate how Lean can help you to improve your business processes.

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