Consulting & Training for your Organization in Lean Engineering & Lean Product Development

Transform Your Engineering Organization

LEO (Lean Engineering Org)  champion Lean Engineering to elevate your team’s performance and efficiency. Our approach is comprehensive, targeting the core of Lean methodology.

We are catalysts for durable change, empowering your engineering teams to achieve operational excellence through our unique three-dimensional model:

  • People: Ownership for execution and continuous improvement
  • Planning: Stable flow of delivery by managing capacity and tasks
  • Process: Establish robust standards for predictable outcomes

With 10 transformative instruments we tailor solutions that fit your individual engineering organization:

Streamlining Flow in Engineering Value Streams

Approaching engineering processes as Lean Value Streams allows us to enhance the flow of work, ensuring that each phase smoothly transitions to the next with minimal waste and maximum value delivery. This focus on maintaining a steady, uninterrupted flow transforms the engineering organization into a more predictable and efficient system.

Result: A transformation beyond temporary fixes, by speeding up project delivery and yielding significant cost savings. All while fostering a culture of sustainable improvement.


Engineering Specific Waste Model

We specialize in helping you identify and eliminate the five critical wastes in your engineering organization:

  • Rework: Limiting unnecessary revisions.
  • Over-engineering: Simplifying to features that add real value only.
  • Over-processing:  Optimizing without overcomplicating of the process.
  • Inefficiencies:  Smoothing out workflow disruptions such as busy work, hand-offs and context switching.
  • Waiting:  Minimizing idle time to keep projects moving.

Flexible Offering

Not ready for a full transformation program? We offer you the flexibility to start small:

  1. Lean Scan:  Perform a diagnostic scan to gain insight with no commitment.
  2. Consult on Specific Known Issues:  Provide solutions for known problems.
  3. Specific Training Modules:  Select modules focusing on specific tools and areas.
  4. Engineering Green Belt Training: A rigorous 6 day course designed to equip engineers with Lean expertise

Ready to start your Lean Engineering journey?

Contact us today to discover the path to success and schedule your initial Lean Scan:

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  • Ton Hodes  / /  +31 6 2036 0975

Do you want to realize your milestones, reduce project lead times and increase engineering productivity?

Do you want to integrate improving into your daily work?

During this Lean Engineering Green Belt Training you will identify opportunities to reduce lead time and cost or improve quality of your engineering projects. You will make real improvements in your workplace with practical tools. You will learn to choose clear goals and realise those step by step.

Serie A: ‘Build the Lean Engineering Process so thjat value will flow’

  • Day 1:  Lean Introduction  & Team level planning
  • Day 2:  Project Planning
  • Day 3:  Organisation

Serie B: ‘Improve the Lean Engineering Process so that value will flow better’

  • Day 4:  Team Improvement
  • Day 5:  A3 Problem Solving
  • Day 6:  Change & Coaching